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Why e-books (don’t) work – Symposium on 29 November 2012

What is an e-book? How does it work, has it a future and if so, why?
These and other questions will be discussed at the e-book symposium at the University of Graz.
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Experiential Learning – Teaching Day 2012

On 20 November FH JOANNEUM will hold its 5th Teaching Day, again providing participants with the opportunity to meet and talk about innovative methods of teaching and didactic concepts.

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Wanted: Students for “Product Innovation Project”

Dear students,

you can make the unique team experience of hands-on product development, rapid prototyping and interdisciplinarity. Be part of the Product Innovation Project 2014/15.
The tasks and budgets are provided by Fronius, Google California, voestalpine, Magna Interiors and Oxford University (2). The goal of this project is to build a working prototype and we are looking for students from all study disciplines.
Interested? Visit us on for more information and how to apply until 20th of October.


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