Common Projects

Mathematics Ring Lecture 2000 1333 Marion Velik

Mathematics Ring Lecture

Under the title “Applied Mathematics – Explaining Mathematics in an…

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Health Care and Hospital Management 2560 1707 Meduni Graz

Health Care and Hospital Management

Challenging times call for competent and capable managers in health…

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Doctoral Program Metabolic and Cardiovascular Disease 2560 1707 Meduni Graz

Doctoral Program Metabolic and Cardiovascular Disease

The universities of Graz are internationally renowned as places of…

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Nursing Science 2560 1707 Meduni Graz

Nursing Science

Nursing as an important part of medicine and the successful…

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Sounds right 2560 1707 TU Graz

Sounds right

The “Electrical Engineering and Audio Engineering” degree program combines music…

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Co-op it studies 2400 1600 Marion Velik

Co-op it studies

CAMPUS 02, FH JOANNEUM and TU Graz are dedicated to…

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Sound Design 2560 1707 Marion Velik

Sound Design

The design of and with sound forms the core of…

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Applied Nutrition Medicine 2560 1707 Marion Velik

Applied Nutrition Medicine

The increase in nutrition-related diseases is presenting physicians and dieticians…

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Lange Nacht der Forschung 2048 1536 Marion Velik

Lange Nacht der Forschung

Universities, universities of applied sciences, research institutions, competence centres and…

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Health Perception Lab 2500 1667 Marion Velik

Health Perception Lab

The Health Perception Lab (HPL) is a laboratory for health-relevant…

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Science Slam 1000 661 Uni Graz

Science Slam

Under the patronage of the Styrian University Conference, a Science…

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University for children 2560 1707 Uni Graz

University for children

Getting children excited about science, research and art – that’s…

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Sustainable solidarity 1920 1280 Uni Graz

Sustainable solidarity

With the Sustainability4U initiative, the four Graz universities are bundling…

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First class 2560 1708 Uni Graz

First class

They were role models in the new teacher training. Since…

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Dual Career 1920 1066 Uni Graz

Dual Career

Career, partnership, family and mobility combined: The Dual Career Service…

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NAWI Graz 1707 2560 Uni Graz


More than 5,000 students take advantage of the 21 studies…

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Unison 1280 800 Uni Graz


The University of Graz and the University of Music and…

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Mikrophon mit Tonspur
Universities on air 1920 1408 Uni Graz

Universities on air

AirCampus is a podcast platform of the four Graz universities…

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SchülerInnen vor dem Znetrum für Molekulare Biowissenschaften
Open doors 640 480 Uni Graz

Open doors

Everything at a glance: The University of Graz, the Graz…

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Bgm. Elke Kahr und Rektor Karl-Peter Pfeiffer
STUDY – LOVE – STAY 1920 1441 sunlime_admin


Learn, teach, research. Lifelong: Graz and the Graz universities show…

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Research for health 1280 847 sunlime_admin

Research for health

Using infrastructure together, supporting young scientists and promoting excellence: The…

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The green heart will be MINT 1920 1306 sunlime_admin

The green heart will be MINT

Science Garden:  Kinder und Jugendliche können in über 400 Workshops,…

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