A series of workshops offered by Science Space Styria.

The Didaktik-Werkstatt is a tertiary didactics professional development program that addresses the various fundamental approaches and methods of tertiary education. Each year a series of workshops with a common new didactical emphasis is offered to lecturers at the Styrian universities.

During the Didaktik-Werkstatt instructors will integrate already existing foci of successful teaching and learning at universities. Additionally, the interests of the participants will form the foundation on which to broaden central perspectives on tertiary education. The topics of the new series of workshops will offer suggestions on how to plan, execute, and evaluate high-quality didactical practices. The collective analysis of practically relevant and action related models taken from tertiary education is set to develop the participants didactical competences.

In 2022 the emphasis was placed on communicative and activating student-centered teaching. This year’s series of workshops will be running under the motto:

Didaktik-Werkstatt 2023

Most Wanted: Visualization, Communication, Motivation

This series of workshops consists of five workshops and a finalizing online phase. Each workshop will last half-a-day and together with the online phase they will be held between February and June 2023. Participants can select workshops individually or as a combination of multiple.

Information on the workshop series and the registration will be available on this website by October 2022.

After the completion of at least three workshops, the participation during the online phase, and the keeping of the complimentary journal, you will receive a certificate for the successful completion of this professional development program on tertiary didactics (Didaktik-Werkstatt).

This professional development program is offered as part of Science Space Styria and is tailored to lecturers at Styrian universities. Participation in the series is free, but seats are limited. You can find more information on the conditions of participation (in German) here.